Child Arrangement Orders

We can help you to come to an agreement with your former partner on arrangements for your children. But if you are not able to agree on these details, there are a number of ways in which we can support you to achieve the best outcome for you and your children.

A child arrangement order (formerly child custody or residence and contact orders) is a court order covering where your children live and the time each parent spends with them. The welfare of your child or children will always be given top priority.

A child arrangement order may cover a number of different things including:

  • Where your child or children live most of the time
  • Who they live with
  • How often they see the parent they don’t live with most of the time
  • How often they see other family members, such as siblings and grandparents
  • And other forms of contact, such as phone calls, emails etc.

Depending on the specific circumstances, a child arrangement order can be very detailed or a more general arrangement between you. We can help you with applying for a child arrangement order and making sure that everything is covered in sufficient detail to give you and your child or children clarity about the arrangements that are made.

We can also apply for other court orders on your behalf:

  • specific issue orders – where there are specific issues that you want to formalise, such as educational arrangements, religious upbringing, or other issues.
  • prohibited steps orders – preventing the removal of your child from the country where you suspect your partner may try to abscond with the child or children
  • relocation orders – acting both for parents wishing to move overseas with the child or children, and for those wishing to prevent such a move

If you have any concerns about the arrangements for your children, please contact us.

Supporting you

Our specialist family law team are experienced in all aspects of making arrangements for children on separation or divorce. We will work with you sensitively and professionally to ensure that your children’s welfare is given highest priority.

If you need information or guidance, we are happy to advise you in complete confidence and we always ensure that you fully understand all of the advice we give and the options open to you.

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