Client found not guilty of possession of explosives

Client found not guilty of possession of explosives

Client avoids immediate custody at Inner London Crown Court

Our client, who admitted a limited role in a fraudulent offence, was spared an immediate custodial sentence this week when the judge agreed to sentence her on a limited basis having accepted her basis of plea. This was a good outcome for the client who feared she would go to prison.

In this case Myrna Ricketts from our Hammersmith office advised the client. Myrna instructed Lee Sergent from Garden Court Chambers who was the advocate in court.

It is important that your lawyer makes it very clear what your actual involvement was when committing the offence as this can have a dramatic effect upon what sentence you receive . A basis of plea and a Goodyear direction from the judge can reassure the client that they will not go to prison and assist them deciding whether to risk having a trial.