If you are accused or convicted of a crime in a foreign country that has an Extradition Agreement with the United Kingdom, then that country may request your extradition from the United Kingdom.

Even where a country does not have an Extradition Agreement with the United Kingdom, special arrangements can be put into place to secure your removal from this country.

Being involved in an extradition request is a particularly distressing experience, and a Requested Person is seldom given notice that they will be arrested at the request of another country.

We can help

It is particularly important that if you have been arrested or fear that you will be arrested under any international law, particularly a European Arrest Warrant, that you contact FMW immediately who will be able to assist you.

Extradition is a technical area of law. It requires specialist lawyers to advance the Requested Person’s case in the direction favourable to them and to assist them through the process.

Our lawyers regularly defend individuals who have been arrested under a warrant and then produced at Westminster Magistrates Court who will consider the strength and weaknesses of the extradition request. We have established national and international contacts who can provide further assistance if needed.

Whenever possible we provide publicly funded advice and representation. If legal aid isn’t available, our services represent exceptional value on a privately funded basis.

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You can be confident that your case and best interests will be looked after by the experienced team of extradition specialists at FMW Law.

Please call us on 020 3012 1482 or on our Crime Out of Hours Emergency Contact number 07595 117 421.