Emergency Protection Orders

If you are the parent or guardian of a child who may be the subject of an Emergency Protection Order, please call us immediately. You will need expert advice from a family law solicitor who is experienced in supporting you through the process and can represent you in any legal proceedings.

Emergency Protection Orders are used in very serious situations where there is grounds to believe that a child is in danger of abuse or violence, or if there is a perceived risk that a parent will run away with a child.

Anyone can apply to the court for an Emergency Protection Order, although in practice the majority of orders are applied for by local authorities.

If there is an application for an Emergency Protection Order, the court will decide whether there is a strong risk of the child suffering harm if they either stay where they are now – such as if there is the risk of abuse or violence – or if they are removed from where they are now – such as when there is a risk of abduction, or the child is in hospital and the local authority considers that they will be at risk if they leave.

The local authority or the NSPCC can also apply for an Emergency Protection Order if they are seriously concerned about a child and haven’t been able to get access to the child to confirm their concerns are valid.

How we can help

Our expert team of family solicitors are specialists in the area of Emergency Protection Orders and are experienced in responding quickly in what is almost always a very rapidly developing situation.

We know that you need the help and advice that can only come from someone who has the necessary expertise to guide you safely through this stressful legal process to get the very best possible outcome for you and your children.