Marriage and partnership

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We offer a sensitive, realistic and caring approach to all matters relating to marriage, civil partnership and cohabitation agreements.

Prenuptial & civil partnership agreements

Prenuptial (and pre-civil partnership) agreements are increasingly common, with more couples wanting to establish some rules for their marriage/partnership from the outset, including what would happen to assets if they split, and arrangements to protect children from a previous relationship.

Postnuptial & post-civil partnership agreements

A postnup / post-civil partnership is the same, but entered into after the marriage or partnership has taken place.

Cohabitation agreements

Many cohabiting couples are under the impression that they have ‘common law’ rights in this situation. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We recommend that cohabiting couples make a cohabitation agreement to ensure that their affairs – including care of any children, as well as fair division of money, property and jointly owned assets – can be dealt with quickly in the event of either separation or death.

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