Prenuptials & pre-civil partnership agreements

Prenuptial (and pre-civil partnership) agreements are increasingly common, with more couples wanting to establish some rules for their marriage/partnership from the outset, including what would happen to assets if they split, and arrangements to protect children from a previous relationship. 

While such agreements are increasingly common, they can be overturned in the divorce court if the agreement is seen to be unfair to either party, or if there was undue pressure for one person to sign. We can advise you on a prenuptial / pre-civil partnership agreement that protects your interests, while not being unfair to your partner, and risking its overturn should you separate.

A well-worded prenuptial / pre-civil partnership agreement can also be an opportunity for both parties to consider the type of partnership you are looking for. It may be a useful process that enables you both to clarify your expectations for, for example: what would happen to individually owned assets when you marry or enter into a partnership; if you intend to have children do you expect that one of you may be the primary carer, while the other is primary earner; and if one or both of you already have children from a previous relationship, what safeguards do you want to put in place to protect their interests.

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Our Family law team are experienced in handling sensitive and potentially difficult matters and are happy to work with you to ensure that you set up an agreement that gives you the best possible starting point for a successful relationship, and protects your interests should your marriage or partnership end.

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