Social services and your child

When social services, also known as children’s services, are concerned about your child, we can help you before any care proceedings take place. This is known as the pre-proceedings process and we have a huge amount of experience in representing parents and other family members in dealings with your local social services when an issue has been raised and before any proceedings go to court.

At this time, is important to get expert representation from specialist children law solicitors who understand all the procedures involved and how best to represent you.

We can support you throughout, advising and assisting you with the involvement of social workers, Children’s Guardians and other professionals to get the best possible outcome for you and your child or children.

Legal aid

You should qualify for legal aid in some circumstances, including:

  • if your child or children are subject to care proceedings, or pre-proceedings
  • private family law matters (such as divorce, dissolution of civil partnership) where you or your children have been subject to abuse or domestic violence
  • child protection proceedings
  • to prevent a child or children being unlawfully removed from the UK
  • to enforce child maintenance agreements made in the EU or internationally

Please contact us to discuss whether your situation qualifies for legal aid, we can advise you on the application process and help you to get legal aid if you are eligible.

Working with you

Please be aware that every family’s circumstances are different, and we strongly advise that you get personal representation from a specialist children law solicitor.

At FMW Law we offer expert solicitors who can work with you and act as your representative in discussions with your local social services department and the other professionals you will come into contact with at this time.

We have expert experience in dealing with cases in which the concerns include domestic violence, drug and alcohol misuse, sexual abuse, mental health issues, physical abuse, controlling behaviour, female genital mutilation and neglect.

Please contact us on 020 3012 1482 or for more information on how we can help.