Financial settlements

As part of a cohabiting couple, your rights are not as protected as those of married couples or those in civil partnerships.

If your relationship breaks down, we can help you with sensitive, honest advice on your situation, including making separation agreements and agreeing a financial settlement between you. We can also support you if you have a dispute with your former partner over the distribution of shared property or assets.

If you are not able to agree on the division of assets between you, then we can apply to the court on your behalf to make an order over the fair division of property and assets. Even if the property you have been living in is not in your name, you may still have a claim on some of the proceeds of a sale, due to any contributions you have made while in your partnership. This can include paying for improvements to the home or contributing to the mortgage, for example. 

If you have children together, you may also be able to claim a share on their behalf.

We can help

We can advise you on all aspects of separation when you have been in a cohabiting couple, including arrangements for division of joint property, ownership of your assets and care of your children.

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