Criminal Defence

If you or someone close to you has been arrested and accused of a crime you need expert advice quickly. We provide a 24-hour service to individuals arrested throughout the UK. Wherever you are detained, we can provide expert advice and representation at any time.

Please call our Crime Out of Hours Emergency Contact number on 07595 117 421. Supporting you

We will support you at every stage of the criminal process – from initial detention and questioning over an allegation, right through to defending you in court proceedings, whether in Magistrates’ or Crown court. We are well aware of the the pressures you are under at this time and, as well as always being friendly and approachable, we work with you to ensure you understand the implications of the advice we give and are fully informed and well prepared at every stage of your case.

You can be confident that we have the knowledge and expertise to represent you effectively, no matter what the nature of the crime you have been accused of. Our team of criminal defence lawyers have extensive experience of the full range of criminal matters and we have a very successful track record in representing defendants in everything from motoring offences through to high-profile, complex criminal cases.

You can also rely on our attention to every detail throughout the progress of your case. Our case preparation and presentation is second to none – from investigation through to trial – as evidenced in our inclusion on the panel of firms selected to undertake Very High Cost Cases.

Criminal Lawyers

Our Criminal Law department is headed by Neville Gray and Peter McGovern, supported by a team of experienced criminal lawyers. We pride ourselves on our dedication and our commitment to providing you with the the highest level of service possible, based on our expert knowledge and attention to every detail of your case. We are particularly proud of our in-house advocacy teams, who achieve the best possible results for our clients. Our expertise means that you receive comprehensive advice and effective representation across the full range of criminal matters.

We undertake both publicly funded (Legal Aid) and privately funded criminal defence and provide an agency service to other solicitors’ firms requiring assistance in local Youth, Magistrates’ and Crown Courts.

For general information on our fees, please refer to our fees page. You can also get full details of our fees from your solicitor.