Online divorce applications go live

Ministry of Justice announces full roll-out of digital applications for England and Wales

Online divorce applications go public

The Ministry of Justice has completed initial testing and has now rolled out its fully digital divorce application process across England and Wales.

During the testing phase, nine out of ten people were apparently satisfied with the service, with rejection rates at 0.6% of online applications compared with 40% of paper applications.

In the announcement from the Ministry of Justice, Sir James Munby, president of the family division, called the online divorce system a ‘triumphant success’.

FMW Law Says

While we welcome any improvements to the divorce system in England and Wales, it is still advisable to get sound legal advice in many situations – particularly where complex financial arrangements or children are involved.

Any measures that make the divorce process easier and less costly for people wishing to end an unhappy marriage should be applauded. However, our clients will still rely on sound advice and representation when it comes to resolving the trickier aspects of finance and children in order to make the whole process work smoothly.”

– John Johnson, FMW Law

More information

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