Edward Fenner

Edward Fenner

…fantastic client manner…inspires confidence…preparation of a case is faultless and his Court room demeanour inspiring…”

…still in awe of your capabilities…”

…you gave us our life back and we will always remember that…”

Area of law

Crime, Regulatory, Courts Martials, Sports & Misconduct Hearings


In-House Counsel
Pupil Supervisor
Member of Criminal Bar Association
Member of Southern Eastern Circuit
Member of Middle Temple
Associate Member of London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association


Leading Barrister with the ability to empathise with his clients and deliver their case in an effective and persuasive manner, tenacious and dedicated, someone you want to have on your side.

Called to the Bar in 2000, Edward joined FMW Law in February 2012 from the Chambers of Stuart Trimmer QC at 4 Breams Buildings.

He has led in a number of high profile cases involving allegations of the most serious criminal conduct. His practice ranges from allegations of murder, cases involving torture, drugs conspiracies, people trafficking and allegations of serious sexual offences. His experience in defending cases covers undercover surveillance, witnesses in close protection, cell-site analysis, anonymous witnesses, PII issues and grass evidence. He has successfully challenged expert evidence on forensic DNA analysis, medical injury causation, computer analysis and facial mapping.

A passionate sports fan and non-league football supporter,  he has represented clients before sport’s disciplinary panels, banning orders and advised football clubs. He is familiar with both sides of the sporting environment from a fans perspective having represented a number of supporters through to the realities and responsibilities of running an organised sporting activity or club having advised organisations and represented clients before governing sport’s bodies.

As an FA qualified and registered coach, season ticket holder and being involved in grass-roots football, he understands the fans perspective and has appeared for a number of clients who faced proceedings.  He represented one of the respondents in the one of the most high profile football banning order cases that received international press coverage involving Chelsea fans on the Paris Metro in 2016.

Edward has represented Nurses, Police Officers , and other professionals charged with misconduct before the Courts and in disciplinary proceedings. He provides a reassuring and effective delivery before disciplinary tribunals, juries and judges.

He has also been involved in defending members of the armed forces in Courts Martials hearings, in this country and abroad at both District and General level.


Inns of Court School of Law – BVC
Kings College London – LLB (Hons)

Key cases

2021 –  R v BR & others – Woolwich Crown Court – Leading Counsel on firearms conspiracy and attempted murder. Shooting outside a central London Nightclub. Various National Press reporting.

2021 – R v TH – Isleworth Crown Court –  acquitted of Murder, Junior Counsel. Various National Press reporting.

2014  – R v RP – Croydon Crown Court –acquitted of attempted murder, s.18 GBH and ABH.

2020 – R v GW – Old Bailey – acquitted of Murder convicted of manslaughter, Junior Counsel. Various National Press reporting.

2016 –  R v CD – Old Bailey –featured in ITV’s 2020 Ross Kemp’s visit to HMP Belmarsh. Convicted of father’s murder and sentenced to four years.  Belmarsh’s only female prisoner. Various National Press reporting.

2015 – R v AR & others – Southwark Crown Court – Leading Counsel on Conspiracy for People Trafficking and Prostitution. Various National Press reporting.

2019 – R v KH – Old Bailey – Acquitted of the Murder of a music producer. Convicted of Manslaughter. Junior Counsel. Various National Press reporting.

2015/6 – Stratford Magistrates Court– Football Banning Order – Chelsea Fans racist chanting on the Paris Metro. Various International Press Reporting.

2013 – R v MS & Others – Old Bailey – Successful defence on money laundering charges involving the ‘ghost car insurance website’. Various national press reporting. Still the only defendant to be acquitted, in a case which eventually went to the Supreme Court.  Various National Press reports.

2016 – R v AW – Hove Crown Court – Acquitted of Multiple Rapes after prosecution served 20,000 text messages four days before the trial which Mr Fenner was able to use to support the defendant’s case.

2013 – R v GD – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Involved allegations of false imprisonment and serious sexual violence. After securing an acquittal on one count and hung jury on multiple counts of rape, Mr Fenner successfully stopped the prosecution from trying the case for a third time.

2013 – R v RJ – lsleworth Crown Court – Successful defence in a case involving multiple counts of rape alleged against multiple complainants.

2012 – R v VV & Others– lsleworth Crown Court – Involved offences of People trafficking, rape, prostitution and sham marriages. Various National Press reporting.

2010 – R v SH & Others – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Successful defence in an honour attack, s.18 GBH, where the defendant was alleged to have used a hammer causing fractures of the complainant’s pelvis and permanent disability. As a result of Mr Fenner’s efforts it was revealed that the complainant had sustained the injury in an unrelated manner.

2012 – R v SW & Others – Southwark Crown Court – The ‘millionaire muggers’ case as covered in various national press reporting targeting London celebrities.

2009 – R v O Jibona – Southwark Crown Court – Nurse who smuggled drugs into Prison. Various national press reporting

2009 – R v PT & Another – Inner London Crown Court – Defendant charged with conspiracy to supply large amounts of Class A drugs across London. Prosecution case underpinned by undercover surveillance and other techniques. Use of CCTV lead to a successful conclusion.

2009 – R v DH – St Albans Crown Court – Defendant charged with robbery of a pharmacy at knife-point. The complainant was 90% sure that he was the robber, but during the course of the trial one of the Police Officers was convinced by Mr Fenner’s arguments that they had the wrong man. Jury acquitted.

2007 – R v CC – Canterbury Crown Court – Conspiracy to commit fraud. Only defendant to successfully have the charge against him dismissed at an early stage in the proceedings.

2005 – R v DA & Others – Northampton Crown Court – Successful defence in a multimillion-pound conspiracy to steal mobile phones from Orange. One of only three out of seven defendants to be acquitted.

2011 – R v MB – Southwark Crown Court – Featured on BBC’s CrimeWatch. Defendant charged with fraudulently obtaining money from an elderly lottery-winner.

2010 – R v IS & Others – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Conspiracy to Handle – successful week-long abuse-of-process argument that stayed proceedings. This case led to questions being asked about disclosure, and was brought to the attention of the DPP. It led to an inquiry into CPS disclosure techniques.

2014 – R v KV – Blackfriars Crown Court –  Serious violence featured well known rap artist.

2009 – R v IS & Others – Kingston Crown Court – Conspiracy to rob multiple Securicor custodians of their cash boxes when making deliveries to shops and banks. Various National Press reporting

2011 – R v PC & Others – Croydon Crown Court – Successful defence of an allegation of GBH with intent by five defendants, who allegedly tortured a man for two hours. This man knew the defendant since childhood. Forensics revealed the complainant’s blood on the defendant’s clothing when he was arrested. There were two eyewitnesses who gave evidence against the defence. He was one of only two defendants acquitted of both s.18 and s.20 GBH.

2008 –  R v GM & others – Hohne Courts Martial Centre, Germany –  Op Telic veterans acquitted of various charges alleging violence.

2009 – R v LB – Bielefeld Courts Martials Centre, Germany. – The Highlander and his dog case; various international press reporting. Acquitted on the more serious firearms charges.

2007 – R v BR – Chelmsford Crown Court – A Metropolitan Police Officer alleged to have driven at and seriously injured a banksman. Mr Fenner successfully challenged the prosecution expert on the causation of the injuries sustained leading to the end of the case.

2008 – R v AI – Winchester Crown Court – A Surrey Police Officer acquitted of using excessive force during the arrest of a young woman.

Legally Reported Cases

R v Pask & others [2019] EWCA 2472

R v McCarthy [2019] EWCA Crim 859 [2019] 5 WLUK 455

R v Fowler [2018] EWCA Crim 2776

R v Gani & another [2014] EWCA Crim 2665

R v Andrius Uzusienis [2014] EWCA Crim 1605

R v Cooney (2012) EWCA Crim 1347

R v Abedote (2010) EWCA Crim 3264, [2010] 12 WLUK 714.

R v Gani [2014] EWCA Crim 914

R v Tovey (2005) EWCA Crim 530, (2005) 2 Cr App R (S) 100, (2005) Crim L R 575, LTL 10/03/2005.

R v Tyrone Johnson [2019] EWCA Crim 1689, [2019] WLUK 602.

R v Yusuf Nur [2014] EWCA Crim 87