Relocation orders

If either you or your former partner want to move overseas with your child or children and do not agree about this, you will need to apply for – or challenge – a relocation order.

We act both for parents wishing to move overseas with the child or children, and for those wishing to prevent such a move by their former partner.

You want to relocate

If you want to move overseas with your children and the other parent objects to this, you will have to make a very strong case that the move is in the best interests of your children. The court will always put the welfare of the children first.
We can advise you on applying for a relocation order and all the issues that the court will consider in coming to a decision.

The other parent wants to relocate

If your former partner wants to relocate without the children, that is seen as their own decision and the court will not get involved, although you should still be able to apply for a child arrangements order to manage contact; and for financial support from the parent living overseas.
If your former partner wants to move abroad with the children and you object, we can help you to challenge a relocation order. As above, the court will always consider the best interests of the children, but will also take your reasons for objecting into account.
We can advise you on all aspects of challenging a relocation order and all the matters that the court will take into account in coming to its decision.

Supporting you

Our specialist family law team are experienced in all aspects of making arrangements for children on separation or divorce. We will work with you sensitively and professionally to ensure that your children’s welfare is given highest priority.

If you need information or guidance, we are happy to advise you in complete confidence and we always ensure that you fully understand all of the advice we give and the options open to you.

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